Q. Can you send a phlebotomist to my home?

A: Yes. We are mobile, private and convenient. We can meet you at your job or place of business.

Q: What are the days and hours of operations?

A: Technician hours: 06:00AM – 4:00PM {CST} Monday through Thursday and 6am-2pm on Friday. 

KMPS is available around the clock, weekends and holidays at a premium rate in home mobile draws.

Hours vary to meet provider office staffing needs.

Q: As a physician, can I call KMPS directly for the patient to place a house lab request?

A: Yes, KMPS will bill the patient directly for the phlebotomy mobile call service fee if they are not home bound. 

Payment is expected prior to service. Homebound patients will have all services billed to their insurance provider.

Q: What is the charge for this service if the patient is billed directly?

A: The fee for a phlebotomy mobile call {patient bill} starts at $75.00 and may increase depending on your location. 

You may receive a separate bill from the licensed lab processing your specimen. Our fee could be waived depending

on your insurance carrier.  

Q: Once KMPS receives my prescription for lab testing, how soon will I be scheduled?

A: All orders are completed on a first call first serve basis and no later than 48 hours from your initial call. 

We strive for same day service.

Q: Does KMPS Mobile perform the lab testing on client specimens?

A: No, KMPS Mobile only performs the actual blood draw or specimen collection.

Specimens are tested by a licensed and approved laboratory.  You may incur a separate fee

from the licensed lab company pending your insurance coverage. KMPS does not have any hidden fees.

Q: Does KMPS Mobile provide service to nursing facilities?

A: Yes. We can provide phlebotomy services to nursing facilities, residential sites, schools and more. 

An associate fee may incur.

Q: Will you pick up specimens only even if I have no blood draw order?

A: Yes.  There is a fee for specimen pick up only.