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The following are the commonly asked questions we have compiled with their corresponding  answers. Feel free to read through them.

Why should I choose Kenkwo Homecare.?

We are a licensed Private Home Care Provider in the Slate of Georgia. We provide Home Nursing Care Services through staffing and referrals of Registered Nurses, Practical Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physical Therapists (PTs). Certified Medical Assistants. Nursing Assistants and Companion Sitters to client's homes in Atlanta Metropolitan area


Will I Pay for your home care services?

If you do not have insurance, we accept self-pay. If you have insurance. Then your  Private Insurance reimburses us for our covered services to your insurance may bill you for co-pay according to your insurance plan.


Can you easily accommodate requests for additional services?

Yes, with the approval or your doctor for medical necessity and health insurance additional authorization.


I want to make changes in the services I'm receiving, what will I do?

For changes in the services that you want to receive, please inform our office and we will make arrangements for your requests. Our services are very flexible to provide you with optimal comfort.


Who pays for home care?

Long Term insurance and PPO insurance usually pays for covered services, Private pay.

Can I call my physician and request home care?

Yes, if your physician determines that you are qualified for home care, you can give us a call and we will do everything we can to help you

Can I receive home care even if I was not hospitalized?

Yes, as long as you have a change in condition such as tendency to fall, difficulty walking and difficulty with medication, etc. Give us a call and schedule for a free in-home assessment and our nurses will determine what services you can benefit from.


How many times a week can your care providers come?

Our caregivers are available 24/17 a week You can decide on days and times that you need our services. You may talk about your care options with your health counselors  by  calling 770-544-7477  or  you can  email  us at


If my regular caregiver gets sick, is there anyone who will come over?

Yes, our caregivers will inform our office if they can’t go to your home. We will then contact you to inform you that a temporary  health care professional  will go to  your  home  We  provide identification  to our  staff  so  you will know if the person is a member of our group

Do we pay directly to the caregiver for her/his services?

No. Our Company provides for the salaries and benefits of employees Payment transactions should be made between the company and the family. Any monetary transaction between our care providers or caregivers or with other health professionals will not be honored by the Kenkwo Homecare. Please call us for more information

I need to speak to one of the management persons on some concerns beyond office hours.


Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes. Anytime of the day even beyond office hours there is a person and not an answering machine that will listen and respond to your concerns. We take care of you because our task in better health improvement has become our life


If I get your services, will I sign for a contract?

We will sign a service agreement for payment terms, rates and service length. However, when you opt to cancel your use of our services, you may do so anytime

Will I get a quality services?

Yes. We take great pride in providing our customers with world-class service. We have Licensed Personnel and competent Healthcare Providers who are experts in giving our clients the tender love and care they needed. We assure of your loved ones· safety and security.

Do I have a say in choosing who my care provider should be?

Yes. If you want to change your care provider, you may do so. Your Satisfaction is highly valued by our team.


Is there anyone available to speak with me after office hours?

Yes there is a person available who will listen and respond to your concerns after office hours. Your concern is our highest priority.


Will my Caregiver understand me?

Our agency hires Caregivers with diverse background and ethnicity that meet the needs of our clients.

To begin receiving services from our group you may call our office to discuss the assistance you need or you can set an appointment with us.


Do I have to ask for an authorization from my Physician to request your service?

Yes, we require a doctor' order for all admissions Medicaid and other commercial insurance requires also pre­ aulhon7ation for the care ordered by your doctor. However it is your right to choose a home health agency.

Will you keep my personal information private?

The law requires us to do so. We are an organization which respects the privacy of our clients It is an ethical requirement in the healthcare industry to never sell your information under any circumstances.  Only the caregivers, nurse or therapist who are directly involved lo you will have access to your personal information.

You may contact us at

Office: 1-770-544-7477 or Email:

We are at your service

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