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  1. Employees Compliance Document Code of Ethics

  2. Kenkwo personnel must treat all clients in a courteous and respectful manner

  3. Kenkwo personnel may not use client's car for personal reasons

  4. Kenkwo personnel may not consume the client's food or beverages.

  5. Kenkwo personnel should never use client’s telephone for personal calls       

  6. Kenkwo personnel should always identify themselves if they are answering the phone for the client

  7. Kenkwo personnel should never discuss politics or religious beliefs, or personal problems with the client.

  8.  Kenkwo personnel should not accept gifts or financial gratuities from the client.

  9.  Kenkwo personnel should never lend money or other items to the client. borrow money or other items from the client, or sell any items to or for the client

  10.  Kenkwo personnel may not purchase any items for a client without their written    request and in accordance with the client's Plan or Care any purchases should be for medical necessities

  11. Kenkwo personnel should never bring personal visitors lo the client's home -even if they have the client's permission

  12. Kenkwo personnel must never smoke in client's home

  13. Kenkwo personnel must never report for duty under the issuance of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances nor should he/she consume alcohol or illegal substances while at work.

  14. Kenkwo personnel never sleep in the client's home unless stated in the client’s Plan of Care.

  15. Kenkwo personnel must treat client’s belongings and residence with respect. Kenkwo personnel are guests to the client's home

  16. Kenkwo personnel should never gave their personal phone number to the clients.

  17. Kenkwo personnel may not work for the client on their own time or accept any type of payment for their work, including caring for the client during client's hospitalization

  18. If the client is unable to be left alone,

  19. Kenkwo personnel may not leave the client even if the service time is over If there is no one to replace the Kenkwo personnel he/she  should call  the office and explain  why  he/she has to remain longer

  20. Kenkwo staff should not move heavy objects such as furniture or appliances

  21. Kenkwo personnel should only take instructions from Kenkwo supervisor(s) not the client.

  22. Kenkwo personnel should always follow the client's Plan of Care and cannot modify client's Plan of Care. If changes are needed. Kenkwo personnel should contact the clinical supervisor to make the changes

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